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YES Unplugged: Jon Anderson in Concert

The Music Hall Toronto, March 29, 2008

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into last Saturday night. I am a big Yes fan and was debating within myself all week “Should I save my 2008 concert budget for the summer Yes concert or take a chance and see a Jon Anderson solo show?” I’m happy to announce that a JA solo show is a unique experience for a Yes fan. The songs were beautifully stripped down to the basics of voice and acoustic guitar. Because the concert started during the “Earth Hour” the first part was lit by a few candles on stage which made it a coffee house atmosphere! Gorgeous songs recreated for a single voice and guitar. Even intricate recordings like “Starship Trooper” were reduced to the core elements (obviously without the “Wurm” section). The real power of the night might not have been JA’s distinct voice (which is in excellent shape for for a man just entering his 6th deacde) but the songs themselves. Simple chord strumming with pure joy and not missing any of Steve Howes or Rick Wakeman’s intricate solos or Squires bass lines. The man comes across as a real gentleman and has a great stage precence.

Photo by wayne
Since I originally posted this article on Yestalk.org…the Yes 2008 Summer Tour has been cancelled due to Jon Anderson’s sudden respiratory illness. I hope he will have a speedy recovery and be able to perform again solo or with Yes.

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