A Little Less Juxtaposition Please

I was watching a Skydiggers interview last Saturday on youtube (just do a “skydiggers” search on youtube, I forgot the link)and though it was a treat to watch a new interview of the Diggers, unfortunately, it was kind of a wasted opportunity. I can’t remember how many times the interviewer (Jian Ghomeshi of the CBC) skydiggers-dec-2007tried to complicate the process by sticking in the word “juxtaposition” as many times as possible to make the interview sound “intellectual”(Maybe he didn’t write the questions himself?). I found this approach unnecessary and just plain wrong for the subject at hand…a rock band. All he had to do was ask “So tell me about your new album? What songs do you think are the best on it? How long did it take to record?” pretty simple eh?

Instead he tried to make a point that Skydiggers music, sounding rural, was created by urban folks…an interesting point to make but it kinda fell flat and the two Skydigger’s Andy and Josh were tongue tied for some of the “juxtaposition” questions. So to whoever wrote those questions, keep it simple please…

Photo credit: Danya Hawerchuk


Visit Danya Hawerchuk’s Flickr site for some great concert photography. I like her style.


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