Roger Waters: The Wall Live

I was very excited to see this concert so my hopes were very high. Unlike 3 years ago when I bought a single ticket for Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon Tour (DSOTM) I was simply curious as to how one original member of Pink Floyd could pull it off.

Pink Floyd’s “The Wall Tour” was a very limited concert tour in 1980-1981. They only played select shows in Los Angeles, New York, London and Germany. So this was a must see show for myself.

Waters and company played the entire Wall album without any encores. Encores would have been dificult since the stage was a mess with bricks strewn all over. The playing was note perfect except for some rough sound mixing in few places which was expected being the first show of the tour. Overall it was a Pink Floyd’s fan dream come true to see the wall presented by its principle authour before he becomes too old to perform anymore. Waters seems in good form for a man of 67.

Here are some pictures and video I took at the Roger Waters production of “The Wall” (opening night) on Sept 15, 2010 at the Air Canada Centre.


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