A Ti-Cat Has Snuck Into the Argo Dome

Sports rivalries are what makes sports fun. About one quarter into last nights CFL Toronto Argo game against the dreaded Hamilton Tigercats came in two, well, Hamilton Tigercats! Fans that is. Serious Tigercat fans. I have to admit my shock and admiration for their loud costumes and ferocious dedication among the enemy Argo crowd. Not to mention their unwavering chanting GO CATS GO!!! GO CATS GO!!! GO CATS GO!!! Most Argos fans ignored them save a season ticket holder seated in front of me who occasionally glanced at them with a mocking smile and politely shouted “Oh be Quiet!!!!” I gotta say, sometimes those Ti-Cat fans were more fun to watch than the game itself.

I confess, I’m not much of a Football fan. I do admire the game, but still haven’t bothered to figure out how it all happens. Long ago on the distant 1980’s, I went to two NFL games (one in Detroit and one in Buffalo) but only because my friends were such huge NFL fans and I was just tagging along. Even as my interest in pro-sports grew, I had never bothered to see my hometown Argos (even during the peak Flutie years) until now and only because I had free tickets. My friend and I brought our sons and it was their first CFL game as well, so that made the night memorable.

The former Skydome has been blasted by Toronto Sports media for the last decade as being a relic from 1980’s excess. Talk of a more intimate venue for the Argos have been on going but so far no concrete plans have emerged. But I can’t see demolishing the Roger’s Centre for the low volume Argo’s crowd or the struggling Blue Jays fan base. In a city like Toronto, there will always be a need for a massive Coliseum. C’mon, it’s not even 20 years old! Give Skydome…uh Roger’s Centre another chance. As we pondered the twisted staircase that reaches the top of the closed dome, we were sure we spotted a technician up there watching the game from birds eye view.

The game was close but Toronto lost to Hamilton. That was my first Argos game. The hot dogs and ice cream were good…and so were the Ti-Cats!