Banda Church Yard (Along Airport Road – July 2009)

I was driving back to Toronto from Collingwood last July and since I was on my own, I was free to stop and take pictures anytime I felt the urge to do so. So I decided to drive down Airport Rd instead of continuing along HWY 26 (which leads to Barrie and the 400 etc.). The Airport Rd route is a straight south line to basically Pearson Airport and its a very enjoyable drive on a nice afternoon.

Not far along my journey, I spotted a quaint little church along the road and stopped for a few pictures. The church is Anglican and a cemetery is also part of the yard. It is surrounded by farmland and I took some pictures of the rolled hay stacks which reminded me of some of Monet’s paintings. The sky was bright but was starting to become half filled with dark clouds and the sun was starting to set in the west. The interior shots were taken against the windows since the church was locked.

Banda Church

Banda Church interior 1

Banda Church Monument


Rolled Hay

Rolled Hay 3

Rolled Hay 2


Darked sky