Banda Church Yard (Along Airport Road – July 2009)

I was driving back to Toronto from Collingwood last July and since I was on my own, I was free to stop and take pictures anytime I felt the urge to do so. So I decided to drive down Airport Rd instead of continuing along HWY 26 (which leads to Barrie and the 400 etc.). The Airport Rd route is a straight south line to basically Pearson Airport and its a very enjoyable drive on a nice afternoon.

Not far along my journey, I spotted a quaint little church along the road and stopped for a few pictures. The church is Anglican and a cemetery is also part of the yard. It is surrounded by farmland and I took some pictures of the rolled hay stacks which reminded me of some of Monet’s paintings. The sky was bright but was starting to become half filled with dark clouds and the sun was starting to set in the west. The interior shots were taken against the windows since the church was locked.

Banda Church

Banda Church interior 1

Banda Church Monument


Rolled Hay

Rolled Hay 3

Rolled Hay 2


Darked sky


@ the Farm

Yesterday I visited a farm owned by a good friend. He runs a dairy farm in Southwest Ontario not far from Woodstock. I have only visited his farm about three times but everytime I go there I really enjoy the “getting away from the big city” kind of rush the countryside gives me. It was also a great time for the kids to enjoy some fresh air and not so fresh cowpie perfume…but such is life. It must be experienced in its various forms namely, urban and rural…

My farmer friend was working hard milking the cows early in the morning and later on mixing the feed. I was amazed that all the corn is used to feed the cows. Crushed into a mass pulp the entire corn plant, cob, stalk and leaves are mashed into a dark yellow mash and stored in an aboveground bunker. The bunker he explained was more cost effective than repairing one of his two grain silo’s. So in fact his massive corn field was for the cattle feed rather than human consumption.

In the barn I discovered the favourite hang out of the dozen cats that live on the farm. I was amazed how slippery the straw is when you try to climb it. Unfortunately I was not able to get on top of the stack…I also had a bit of vertigo when I tried to climb up the grain silo (at least I climbed it the first time I visited so I did not feel so defeated).

We enjoyed some wonderful beef steak which practically melted in your mouth (it was so tender) and earlier we had some Maple syrup they bought form the local markets. The milk we put in our coffee was of course fresh from the cow. The milk collector also showed up with his tanker truck and sucked all the milk from the storage tank in the milking barn. He comes several times a week to collect the milk for the local market.

Since the corn wasn’t ripe we drove into town to buy some from a local stand. Needless to say it was delicious along with the apple pie and ice-cream back at the farm.

It was a glorious day with fresh country air, fresh food and even a rainbow to guide us home.